Bones Season 9 Episode 21

bonesIf I didn’t know that Bones was renewed for a tenth season, I would think that Booth’s possible promotion could be leading to the end of the show. But I do know a tenth season is coming, so where is this promotion leading? Booth thinks it could be putting him back in the field as a sniper and he doesn’t want to do that. But if this is going to be a promotion that he will turn down, what’s the point of this storyline?

The evidence kept contradicting itself this week. The evidence said that the body died, a few hours, a few days and a couple of weeks ago. The squints couldn’t figure out why the evidence would be saying so many different things. Then they figured out the body had been frozen. That still didn’t add everything up, until they figured out the body had been cryogenically frozen. If only figuring out this part meant they had solved the case.

The ex-husband had a motive, a cryogenic doctor that went out of business had a motive, the cryogenic wife whose husband was having an affair had a motive and then there was the husband who did it. He did it for love of course. He didn’t think he was killing her, just preserving her for a time that she could love him. You can legitimately call this guy a mad scientist.

I didn’t see the way the guy killed her coming, but I did pick up on the relationship. When he said he wouldn’t kill her because of how close they were. That put up red flags for me. He’s married and he’s close with this other woman? But once again no one picked up on this and asked the follow up question.

Check out the preview for next week. The ghost killer strikes again:


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