Revenge Season 3 Episode 19

revenge_season_3_by_myrmorko-d5rsu9f (1)What does it mean for Emily now that Victoria has figured out what she’s doing? Will this make it harder for Emily to clear David’s name?

It’s episodes like this that make me think Victoria has suffered enough. She feels an overwhelming amount of guilt over framing David and has become a very bitter woman since. Conrad is the one that deserves to pay, but he keeps manipulating the situation. He wanted the reporter dead, so he told Pascal where the reporter was, but maybe he never cared about the reporter in the first place. He just knew if the reporter was dead, Aiden would want to take care of Pascal, and that’s who Conrad wanted taken care of.

Aiden might not have been able to publicly prove that his father was not a coward, but he found out for himself and that is a big triumph. Will there be any other leads that can prove who is father was? Emily has had countless people to prove David’s innocent and some of them have fallen short, could there be more for Aiden as well.

It makes me sad each week to see the man that Daniel has become and now he could be pulling down other people with him. I want to believe that he’s genuine when it comes to his sister and Margaux, but is he? Victoria and Conrad have not been afraid to use the people they care about to get what they want. 

Whatever the outcome between Margaux  and Daniel’s partnership, Daniel has unknowingly waged war against Nolan.

This deal with Daniel and Margaux may seem like he’s hit the jackpot, but Javier has no idea what he’s really getting into. 

I feel sad that Margaux and Jack have broken up, but maybe the writers are trying to open the door for Emily and Jack again. Those team Jack fans will be very happy if this is true.

Revenge will return April 27th. Victoria is trying to get her happily ever after, but that just may not be in the cards for her anymore:

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