Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Episode 19

86507-greys-anatomy-fans-can-rest-easy-chief-webber-is-safe-there-he-is-righI think we always knew that Cristina would at least be nominated for a Harper Avery award and after all these years of watching her grow, she deserves it. But there are a lot of other amazing doctors in the show.

Derek has done amazing things, Callie has done amazing things and lately Bailey and Meredith have taken on innovative research projects. They all want to be nominated for this prestigious award and there were all kinds of reactions.

Callie became very motivated to win her own Harper Avery award one day, the interns were imagining what it would be like to win, Meredith was throwing Cristina a champagne toast to hide her jealousy and Bailey was jealous, but more than anything she was frustrated that she couldn’t figure out how to help this young boy.

On the other side of the career and ambition, there was the money side. April has never been privileged with money and Jackson always has. She can’t understand why he would waste money on coffees and sodas and she always eats leftovers. She was wearing a swimsuit because she had no clean underwear, no time to do laundry and refused to spend the money to send it out.

Alex was contemplating his next career move and didn’t want to be a sellout because he took the job with money. He said a practice was never part of the plan. Then he saw Jackson hand over his credit card to charge $25,000 for a plane to get the equipment for an important surgery, granted Jackson will get his money back. That got Alex thinking, while he can’t give the boy with SKID a cure right now, he was able to use money to help him. He paid $10 to put a camera on the boys remote car so he can use that to get around the ward and talk to people, without jeopardizing his immune system. Alex said money can do those things.

Next week we will find out if Cristina will win the award, if Callie or Arizona will carry their next child and it may be a turning point for Jackson and April. Check out the preview:


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