Bones Season 9 Episode 20

bonesThis week Bones touched on the very controversial subject of medicinal marijuana.

Wendall was taking it for the pain of going through chemo, which a lot of patients do. He was so worried about what everyone would think of him. Then Cam had to go and fire him, because legally he couldn’t do that and testify in cases because everything they do there could be questioned. It made sense, even if it didn’t seem right.

The law is the law and that’s how Booth and Cam look at it. Booth is a very law abiding person and Cam looks to the law to protect them as an institution. They are trying to get bad guys behind bars and can’t do anything that would jeopardize that.

This opened up Booth’s eyes. He didn’t agree with medicinal marijuana, but watching what Wendell is going through, he now sees a use in it.

I liked what the victim was trying to do. She was growing a type of marijuana that had less THC and more of the medicinal part in it to help people. Of course dispensaries don’t want to use that kind because it doesn’t make money, but she wasn’t caring about money. She just wanted to help people.

I think that type of medicinal marijuana would help people like Wendell, because then he could work in a Federal job and his work wouldn’t come into question. Because he wasn’t using weed to get high, he was just using it to help the nausea and the pain. Which is what he’s using it for now, but because of the THC it might not be looked at that way.

This was a very eye opening episode for whatever side you are on. You can agree or disagree, but the episode brings up really good points.

Check out the preview for next week. Their victim has been cryogenically frozen:


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