Nashville Season 2 Episode 19

132839GROUPpre-1378848420Scarlet has some serious issues with her mom and Juliette probably should have let Scarlet have the night off, but I don’t think anyone could have known how bad it was.

I think the combination of the alcohol and drugs brought it out. That and her mom showing up. I can’t believe her mom treated her like that. I get that Scarlet’s grandfather was a drunk, but that doesn’t give her mom any excuse for treating her like that.

This was a very emotional episode, between word getting out that Deacon is Maddie’s father and Scarlet’s mom showing up. Of course it probably wouldn’t have been that bad if the news of Deacon fathering a child with Rayna didn’t come out when Scarlet’s mom decided to visit. But that’s not Scarlet’s fault that she didn’t know. As Scarlet said, it wasn’t her secret to tell.

I think this was a powerful episode. We got to know characters better and more in depth. We got to see inside Scarlet’s soul. We got to see Avery and Juliette being more mature in a relationship than ever before. We got to see Zoey going after her dreams. We also got to see Luke run away when things got tough.

I guess the world knowing that Deacon and Rayna had a child was way to much for Luke to handle. It’s horrible that he went to the airport right away. If he needs time fine, but Rayna is trying to deal with her biggest secret being exposed and deal with the damage. He was being so good and being by her side. Why did he get so mad? Would he preferred that Deacon be the bad guy he remembers?

Nashville returns April 23 with a concert special:


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