Chicago P.D. Season 1 Episode 10

downloadThe case was really interesting, but I was distracted by Jay trying to prove his innocence to care about the case. I wanted this episode to more about the case of Jay proving he didn’t kill the guy.

When the last episode finished I couldn’t believe that Jay killed the guy, but I did believe that he would do anything to make sure another young boy didn’t die. When this episode started I knew he was innocent. They way he looked when he found out the guy had died proved his innocence to me. But as Ruzek said, with the way things work in that unit, he could have easily done it.

I would like to say I didn’t expect the father to have killed his own son, but it did cross my mind, especially when he had lied in his statement. I felt bad for the father. He stuck up for his son all those years and then he found out his son was guilty and was going to strike again. That must be a really hard thing for a parent to face.

That guy that Erin was kissing at the end of the episode was cute and all, but I still want to see her with Jay. I realize the show has just started so they can’t let Erin and Jay just be together. First they had Voight keeping them apart and then the whole thing with Voight’s son tore them apart. I’m looking forward to having that flirty chemistry between them come back in there scenes. I hope that is soon. They were barely on screen together this week.

Check out the preview for next week. Burgess goes undercover, but can she handle the pressure:


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