Nashville Season 2 Episode 18

132839GROUPpre-1378848420Is Deacon going to go off the edge because another one of his women have slept with Teddy? I really hope not. He has a really good thing going with Maddie and he shouldn’t jeopardize it because Megan cheated on him. And Teddy was all to willing to let Deacon take a swing at him. He just wants a reason to keep Deacon and Maddie apart. What he should be doing is keeping Deacon in on the loop. Deacon should have gotten a call to say that she wasn’t getting guitar lessons because she was grounded. What was Maddie just not supposed to show up and no one was going to tell Deacon?

Scarlet’s pills seem to be getting out of hand. The more pressure she gets put on her, the more she turns to the pills. Juliette didn’t help that at all, though. She was way too harsh on Scarlet, when it was really her own issues.

Will has gotten himself into a big mess. Jeff is onto him. He thought that marring Layla woul hide his little secret, but instead it made his secret more apparent. Gunnar was a good guy and didn’t out Will to Jeff, but Will isn’t being a good guy by marring Layla. The poor girl is risking her relationship with her parents for a guy who doesn’t really love her.

I think Rayna should have told Luke about Deacon and Maddie. I know she doesn’t want the whole world to know, but I think that since the relationship has gotten more serious, her boyfriend was one person she should have told.

Check out the preview for next week. Scarlet may ruin her career when her mother shows up and Deacon may have fallen off the wagon again:


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