Supernatural Season 9 Episode 17

ustv-supernatural-season-9-posterAfter nine seasons the writers are still coming up with compelling story lines and it amazes me every week.

I think it can be hard to keep a show fresh after a lot of years. Don’t get me wrong, there was a brief time that I thought the writers were lacking inspiration with their stories, but this season has been really good. I like going back to demons and angels and the new challenges that each of them face, and the challenges Sam and Dean face for defeating them.

I’ve also been enjoying the amount of time Crowley has been on screen, but I have been missing Cass and think they should be bringing him back really soon.

Sam was on a very interesting case. It seemed like just an average case, but then it led him straight to Abbadon, or well someone working for her.

It seemed as if there was multiple possessions in the town, but there was no evidence of possession. Sam guessed that they had lost their souls and that’s exactly what had happened.

Just guessing what was causing these people to lash out didn’t lead him to Abbadon’s plan though. A former nun told Sam about what happened years ago when demons had come to town. This story included Sam’s grandfather, Henry, and Josie, before Abbadon had possessed her. This woman has lived with guilt over not warning Henry all of these years, but she was young and terrified. No one can be held accountable for that. She survived and that is what matters.

So Abbadon is building a demon army. That is a scary thought. If she succeeds will there be any way of defeating her?

Crowley is also up to his own plan as usual. Was that some sort of test to see if Dean would save Crowley? Why else would a demon pretend to be a hunter and try to kill Crowley?

Supernatural returns April 15. Cass is back and Metatron is trying to play god:


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