Chicago P.D. Season 1 Episode 9

downloadCould Jay really have killed that guy? He doesn’t really have a good role model in Voight and since he didn’t confide in Erin, I’m getting very worried. I know he thought he was doing the right thing, if he did kill the guy, but he could have just destroyed his whole career.

The intelligence unit worked together to solve the case so Olinsky’s daughter wouldn’t have to testify and she still is going to have to testify. Ruzek tried to break the case on his own angle with the help of Burgess, but nothing they did would mean breaking the case without Olinsky’s daughter.

There’s a new guy in Internal Affairs and he’s all business. He wants to get things done and he not only has his eye on Voight, but Jay as well. A new detective was put into the unit to keep an eye on Jay and not Voight. Apparently Jay’s activities are getting noticed. Voigt stepped in trying to help, but unless Voight helped off screen, Jay is acting alone.

This intelligence unit sure likes to bend the rules to get things done. I think sometimes you do have to think outside of the box to get things done, but reaching the line and crossing the line are very different. I just really hope that Jay’s hands are not on this murder.

Check out the preview for next week. Jay is suspected of murder and it’s having consequences on the whole unit:

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