The Originals Season 1 Episode 17

OrigianlsElijah is on a mission for peace in The Quarter, but there are many that are trying to fight it, Klaus being the biggest one.

He must know what the ring will do for the werewolves. So why does he want werewolves to be lethal t0 vampires all the time? He wants that sense of family, but all he’s ever done is push his family away.

Hayley is stuck right in the middle. There is still clearly something going on between Hayley and Elijah, but her pack is pulling her away from Elijah. Then there’s the guy she was destined to be with and things are blossoming between them. I don’t think she would like to know that he’s made a deal with Klaus, even if the deal is for the better for their kind. Klaus only makes deals when he has something to gain from it.

Marcel is building an army to get his city back, but is peace not the better solution for the city? Marcel must know that with Klaus in town peace will never happen. How is Marcel going to face the originals, the vampires, the witches and the werewolves? Of course the werewolves are soon going to face everyone as it is.

Rebekah is long gone now and I’m still sad to see her leave. If the writers can write a bigger role for Hayley in the series, I might be able to forgive them for writing off my favorite original.

The Originals returns April 15. Marcel is figuring out what Klaus is up to:


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