Supernatural Season 9 Episode 16

ustv-supernatural-season-9-posterWe knew that the Mark of Cain would hold consequences, but it’s the only way to kill Abaddon. It seems that the evil takes over Dean when he holds the First Blade. Is this something he can control?

These boys have had to sacrifice a lot to continue to save the world. Sam wanted to die the last time he put his body through the wringer to close hell. So what will this lead Dean to want?

I’m going to be very sad the day Sam and Dean finally kill Crowley. He’s always been my favorite villain and watching his humanity come out makes him even more entertaining. The longer the writers can keep Crowley alive the better. And it looks like Dean and him are going to team up again next week. I’m really enjoying those two working together as a team.

I think it’s good that Abaddon thinks Crowley is losing it. If she thinks she has the upper hand, that might prove to be useful. I think Crowley should trust Sam and Dean and they should trust him, for the time being. You can’t trust other demons, they may just be running back to Abaddon. As for Sam and Dean, they all have the same goal and should work together. Maybe I just selfishly want to see Crowley on screen more. It’s not necessarily good to work with a demon. They are always working their own plan.

They met an official member of the Men of Letters, ok well a rejected one, but still. I can see why he was kicked out. He’s crazy, or maybe all that time alone made him crazy. It’s hard to tell. But he was certainly crazy when he thought he was adding Dean to his collection. I hope they looked at everything he had before they left. With that much stuff, some of it might have proven useful.

Check out the preview for next week. Sam and Dean uncover secrets about their grandfather:


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