Bones Season 9 Episode 17

bonesThe one thing that Brennan and Booth can’t seem to agree on is religion and of course it would be a problem when raising their daughter.

I’m surprised that Brennan didn’t come to the conclusion of letting her daughter know all the information to make an informed decision. She was being so stubborn about her own beliefs, that she couldn’t see how her daughter would believe anything other than she does. It took an intern to show her what she should have already known.

Who knows what Christine will believe in when she grows up, with Booth as a father and Brennan has a mother, it could be anything.

The new intern was a little too much like Brennan. He believed he had all the answers and was very open with sex. He’s also been through a lot though. He defected so he could have the life his father wanted him to have. It wasn’t necessarily the life he wanted, but it was a life his father fought for him to have.

This case was interesting. I like the cases that they need more than the bones to solve the case. I’m a little surprised they didn’t think about the passengers wounds to begin with. They’ve used that method before, of course before the injuries were a little more noticeable and fresher. This time they had to be creative. They used one of those body scanners that we have to go through at the airport to find his injuries. I don’t actually know how much those things can actually see. It could be as it showed, but in the episode they had to use a program that Angela created to see his wounds better.

I still think I like a lot of the older cases better. It’s hard for writers to keep coming up with new stories, not to mention theres no sexual tension anymore. Bones will never be what we fell in love with, but I think the writers are doing a good job of keeping the show alive.

Check out the preview for next week. The body is encased in leaves and it’s moving:


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