Nashville Season 2 Episode 17

132839GROUPpre-1378848420Rayna had a strategic plan to save Juliette’s career and Juliette went and messed it all up. Not only may she have ruined any chance of saving her career, she may have also jeopardized Rayna’s whole label.

Rayna tried to salvage things with a duet at the Opry, but the crowd did not take it well and their solemn faces said it all in the dressing room. Is there anything else that Rayna can do to fix this?

Scarlet has reached out to Avery to produce her album. I think that was a very good idea. Avery is very good at producing. Maybe he’s found his calling as a producer. I was so mad at Juliette for being mad at him for wanting to help Scarlet. He didn’t want to take the deal at Edgehill because he only got it because of Juliette and I don’t think he’s liked anything he’s seen from being involved with that label either. He got the opportunity for producing Scarlet’s album on his own merit. Scarlet wouldn’t of asked if she didn’t believe that they could make a great album together.

Deacon has got a break of a life time with touring with Luke. I respect Deacon so much for trying to make his dream come true. He was always the sidekick for Rayna and now he’s in the spotlight. This could really jump start his career.

I think it’s hard for Maddie to see anything other than music being important. Her mother has been a star for a long time and her father is a legend. She can’t understand why school is important. Teddy is trying to discipline her, but because he’s not in the music business, she believes he doesn’t understand. I’m not sure how they will get through to her. But if they don’t soon, she may jeopardize any chance she has for a future.

I can’t believe Will proposed to Layla. That poor girl, she has no idea she’s being used. He’s trying too hard to hide who he is when he should just be himself. I think he’s better off coming clean now, before the whole world finds out.

Does Teddy really like Megan or is he just doing it to hurt Deacon? I can’t really tell how Megan feels about the situation. She feels extremely guilty, but does she want to try and make it work with Deacon or is she punishing herself?

Check out the preview for March 26. There’s a lot of relationship drama going on:


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