Chicago P.D. Season 1 Episode 8

downloadCan Voight really go down for just doing what he was hired to do? He has relationships with the criminal element and keeping those relationships is very important to bringing them down. So I understand why Voigt could be very careful in they way he’s trying to get these guys off the streets. But is he actually trying to get these guys put behind bars or is he abusing his power? It’s so hard to tell with Voight. Now with the mystery of Browning coming up, it doesn’t put him in the best of light.

I think this case was a little bit of a let down from what the previews showed. In the episode it didn’t take them very long to figure out that the undercover cops were the good guys. I was expecting more suspense. The end shoot out definitely made up for the lack of suspense though. This can’t be blamed on the writers though. Previews can be very misleading sometimes. It’s even worse with the films. Sometimes they show almost the whole movie and leave very little to see when you go to the theater.

Jay and Erin both had side projects that they were working on in this episode. Jay is trying to make sure what happened to his old girlfriend’s brother doesn’t happen to another kid. Could he be on to something? It certainly seems suspicious that the accused is buying toys from a toy store. But Jay is emotionally involved and may not be able to see things straight. Erin is desperately trying to help a young woman leave her life behind for a better one, but every time Erin gets close to helping her, the girl goes back to her bad habits.

Is there something starting between Burgess and Ruzek? I have noticed some light flirting in other episodes, but I feel like a whole day together has sparked something between them. What does this mean for Ruzek’s fiancée? Olinsky has already proven how hard this job can be for relationships and now Ruzek may even have feelings for someone else.

Did anyone else have any idea that Atwater had kids? That was a pretty big surprise for me.

Check out the preview for next week. Olinsky’s daughter is the key witness of a gang murder and becomes the next target:


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