The Originals Season 1 Episode 16

OrigianlsThis fight was a long time coming for the Mikaelson family. Klaus wonders why Rebekah betrayed him, well every time one of his siblings did something he didn’t agree with, he daggered them and left them in a box. You can’t dagger Klaus and they don’t want to kill him, so Rebekah made him run, unfortunately the plan back fired and she had to run too.

It was an intense fight between these siblings. They went down memory lane and remembered all the reasons why they are broken by their father. Rebekah is doubly broken though. First by their father and then by Klaus. She stood by him the most over all the years, despite the horrible things Klaus would do to her.

Now Rebekah is free. What does that mean for The Originals? Are they down to just two now? While I like Klaus and Elijah, as I’ve said before Rebekah is my favorite, and I would be very upset if she was gone for good.

Marcel did everything he could to free Rebekah and do what was right for Davina. While I think Davina would have been better with Marcel, maybe the witches will help her transition back to life again. I think the witches are more evil than ever now. Especially with the old, resurrected witch in charge.

Marcel is a brave man to face Klaus after what he did and sticking around might not be the smartest thing. I guess he really is Klaus’s protege. Why didn’t he  just go away with Rebekah? That was always the plan and now they are free to be together. Though I think the tragic love stories are always the best.

Check out the preview for next week. Elijah and Klaus throw a party and there’s no Rebekah in sight:


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