Bones Season 9 Episode 16

bonesFreddie Prinze, Jr. was back again playing Danny and he was more wrapped up in the case then Booth could have anticipated.

From the moment Danny found out about the victims death he acted strange. It could have just been summed up to being shocked that he lost an asset, but there was more too it than that. When the victim’s brother was saying that she would be out all night, Danny said he had no idea where she was going. My first thought was that they were in a relationship together and I was surprised that no one questioned him about. Maybe it could have been because the brother was right there. But later the truth came out, but it kept making Danny look more and more suspicious.

If it wasn’t for the squints, Danny might have been accused of murder. It was because of the dedication at the Jeffersonian that they were able to find out who the actual killer was. The bones and the DNA evidence speak more than any circumstantial evidence can.

Lately there seems to be some normal life kind of thing that has a thread through the episode. This time it was life insurance and Brennan thought that her’s shouldn’t be more expensive than Booth’s. It was actually a pretty funny little thread. No one wanted to get involved and Brennan just couldn’t see why her policy cost more. She finally came to the realization that the company was right.

Check out the preview for next week. There is a new intern in the lab and he’s flirting with all the ladies:


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