Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Episode 14

86507-greys-anatomy-fans-can-rest-easy-chief-webber-is-safe-there-he-is-righWhat does the future hold of Alex and Joe? Alex doesn’t care about the rule, but Joe doesn’t want it to ruin her career. I understand why the rule was put in place, but Alex is right. Most of the relationships on the board were between attendees and residents. The rule isn’t fair at all.

Murphy was wrong to put in the complaint. She got involved with a married woman who had a kid. She shouldn’t have been surprised when she went back to her wife. Murphy put herself in that situation. Stephanie had reason to be upset. Her boyfriend stopped a wedding with her right next to him. Jackson was in the wrong there. But they are all adults and should deal with the relationships professionally.

Ross is finally speaking his mind and getting back into the game. He was right that they all are distracted. I think the only one not distracted is Ben and that’s because he’s happily married.

I can’t believe Owen slept with Cristina. I mean I saw it coming the moment she showed up at his door step, but he was in such a good relationship and was about to get everything he ever wanted. Then he realized what he wanted, wasn’t what he truly wanted. He wants to come home to someone to share work stories with, not baby stories. I don’t know if that means he doesn’t want kids anymore, but Derek and Meredith make it work and Arizona and Callie make it work. Maybe that’s what he wants.

I’m so happy that Cristina and Meredith are getting along now and can work together. It was nice for a different storyline between those two, but it’s great that they are BFFs again.

Check out the episode for next week, Murphy is going to be causing some waves between Callie and Arizona:


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