Chicago P.D. Season 1 Episode 7

downloadThis episode was a roller coaster of emotions. Voight was fighting to figure out how to protect his son from going back to jail and Antonio was trying to figure out if he could trust his boss.

It looked like Voight was willing to risk everything to save his son, but Erin had a better idea. She went straight to Justin to figure out what was going on and brought him into the station and Justin told Antonio everything he knew. Justin isn’t going to go away for murder because he cooperated and Antonio is letting him off the hook. Granted everything wasn’t quite legal, but Antonio realized why Voight was acting suspicious.

I really don’t like the woman in internal affairs. She very emotional and she really wants to take Voight down, but Voight is a good cop. It sounds like, as Antonio said that she’s a climber.

Antonio is a very decent guy and apparently the woman ruined his partner for a simple mistake on the guys part. He killed himself because of it. That’s something Antonio is not going to forget.

Unfortunately Erin trying to help Jay has driven a rift between them. I don’t think that Jay likes that the footage was deleted, but that was Antonio’s call not Voight or Erin’s. He should respect that Erin was trying to help the guy that’s like a brother to her, but she helped him by bringing him, not helping him run. I hope Jay and Erin will be back to flirting soon.

Did Voight kill Catalono? It sure looks like he did, but Antonio wasn’t going after his son anymore, so what was the point? Sounds like that guy would have got caught or worse eventually anyways.

I think the Army will be good for Justin. He hasn’t learned discipline and no matter how much his father has tried to steer him back on the right path, he’s stayed on the wrong one.

Check out the preview for next week, they discover a cop undercover, but they don’t know who’s side he’s playing for:


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