The Originals Season 1 Episode 15

the-first-poster-for-the-originalsCeleste got exactly what she wanted, brother against brother.

I know that Rebekah and Marcel wanted to hide from Klaus forever and it’s not easy to run from him, though many have tried. Plus Marcel wanted to get Davina back, but going back to insure their safety is what has got Rebekah fighting for her life against Klaus and Elijah trying to protect her.

I really liked that we got see exactly what happened when Michael came to town to kill Klaus. We’ve heard the story many times, but we didn’t know the details.

Klaus had just given Rebekah the freedom to be happy and Elijah chose Klaus’s side over their father. Klaus had almost exactly what he wanted, his family all together. But he claims he lost his humanity that night. Is it because her thought Marcel was dead and his father was trying to kill him? It’s horrible that his father was trying to kill him, but it seems it brought his siblings closer together. Klaus certainly has issues. He was born a werewolf and then turned into a vampire, which made him a hybrid and when his father found out Klaus wasn’t his son, he disowned him. No wonder Klaus is so screwed up. But is killing Rebekah really the answer?

How long will Elijah be able to hold Klaus off? It’s original against original on the next episode:


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