The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 14

The-Vampire-Diaries-season-5I am so relieved that Stefan and Caroline finally figured out that Katherine had stolen Elena’s body. Now they can figure out a way to save her. If only Matt could remember, but he managed to get the message out and Stefan figured it out. Matt is a very brave sole. Nadia could have killed him.

I feel bad for Nadia, all she wanted was some mother and daughter bonding time, but Katherine wants nothing to do with that.

It was nice to see Tyler and Caroline working together. I don’t think he will ever get past her sleeping with Klaus though. I’m still happy it happened. It wasn’t a realistic relationship, but we all have had our bad boy crushes and I think Klaus tops them all. Over on The Originals he’s proving why he’s the evil Mikaelson¬†sibling, granted he got hurt, but Elijah was betrayed too and he doesn’t want revenge on Rebekah.

Someone needs to tell Damon that Elena is not Elena and then maybe he will start fighting. He would do anything to get Elena back. At the moment he feels like Elena has turned her back on him, but she wouldn’t do that. I mean he killed her brother and she still forgave him. He needs that motivation to get through this.

How will they save Elena? Can she be saved? TVD just got picked up for another season and I would not be happy if Elena never came back.

Check out the preview for next week, they try to figure out how to save Elena:


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