Nashville Season 2 Episode 15

132839GROUPpre-1378848420Rayna’s only memory of her father will now be all the bad he has done. He was involved in her mother’s death and tried to kill the father of her children. Right after she finds out the truth, he dies. That’s a lot of hate and anger to have for someone who is no longer there. I don’t know how Rayna held her emotions in so long.

I don’t think Teddy will ever forgive himself for letting Lamar die. He was so mad at Lamar for taking his wife from him, that he just let him die. Now he’s beating himself up over it. He see’s what it’s done to his daughters and Rayna and he hates himself for it. He wanted Lamar to pay and in that moment he let him.

I love Juliette’s character. She has grown and become so strong. She lost her career and now she is fighting for it, but being true to herself. And she even found time to be there for Rayna and they haven’t had the smoothest of relationships. Juliette has made a lot of mistakes, but she’s learned and is becoming a very strong woman.

Zoey had two big breaks in two days, all because she seized an opportunity. She really is trying to make things happen for herself and it’s great. Gunnar needs to support her more. I’m glad Deacon gave her the chance.

I feel bad for Scarlett though. She’s off living her dream, but she’s so busy she can’t spend time with her uncle. She’s missing out on his success and her friends’ success. So now she’s covering up that hurt with sleeping with Liam. She should have just wrote a song about it. Her friends and Deacon would love to be in her shoes. They always say it’s lonely at the top, and Scarlett is finding that out. Not that she’s at the top yet, but she’s working her way up.

Check out the preview for next week, Rayna is not happy when she finds out about Liam and Scarlett:

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