Chicago P.D. Season 1 Episode 6

downloadErin was reminded who she use to be this week and she let it get under her skin. She was going to go to her high school reunion to prove she had become something better than she was, but she has.

She pulled herself up from nothing and now she gets bad guys off the street. She got a rapist of the street this week before he could hurt anyone else. That’s probably a lot more than what her fellow classmates can say.

Voight new something was up with Justin, but I think it was much worse than he could have imagined. What did Justin do? Did he kill someone and how is Erin supposed to get him out of it? I hope Erin calls Voight and doesn’t try to help Justin all by herself.

Kim was a real asset this week. She was a key part of solving the case. I don’t know why she only gets respect in the Intelligence Unit.

I really want Jay and Erin to get together. I know Voight has said no, but they make such a cute couple. They have to get together at some point.

It was another intense episode this week. Every case has been intense so far, but how will the case of Justin being involved in murder be?

Check out the preview for next week, Voight has to choose between his career and his son:


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