TVD’s Paul Wesley is Directing, Premiering Film at Film Festival

AmeliaSwa |

AmeliaSwa |

Paul Wesley’s career is in high gear with a directing debut on the show and a film to premiere and compete at the  2014 South by Southwest Film Conference and Festival.

According to BuzzFeed, Paul will be the first cast member of TVD to direct an episode and it will be episode 18 of this season.

Paul said to BuzzFeed: “It’s an honor and the cast couldn’t be any more supportive, which I feel truly grateful for.”

He had to earn this honor by spending a year shadowing directors, going to meetings and sitting in the editing room, BuzzFeed reported. He actually told the executive producer, Julie Plec, early on that this was something he was interested in doing.

“Directing is something that I’ve been passionate about for a long time [and] I’ve had many, many lessons over the last 15 years and many mentors. But the thing that I have most discovered over the last year is that it is entirely a team effort. Every single person on set, from props to focus puller to director of photography to the actors themselves, is crucial. And everyone is there to create something truly memorable that will be captured on film for eternity. You have to trust in your team entirely and do everything you can to incentivize everyone to be the best they can be,” Paul said to the website.

Stefan will have a role in this episode, so Paul will be acting and directing, BuzzFeed reported. He said that he has a good friend that recently starred and directed a film and that he was on set to experience if firsthand.

Tvd01_1280X1024Could Paul be talking about his upcoming film where Shawn Christensen wrote, directed and starred in the movie? The film, Before I Disappear, will be premiering and competing at the South by Southwest Film Conference and Festival this year.

According to Indie Wire, the film will be competing in the Narrative Feature Competition and is based on the 2013 Academy Award winning short film, Curfew, that Shawn wrote and directed. He will play the leading role Richie, and at the lowest point of his life he gets a call from his sister that he hasn’t heard from for a long time. She asks him to look after his 11-year-old niece, Sophia.

Paul went to Twitter when he found out the good news about his film: “Thrilled that our film ‘Before I Disappear’ will be premiering and in competition at this year’s @sxsw.”

He will play Gideon and in the meantime you can catch him on TVD when the show returns February 27 at 8/9c on the CW. This episode is number 14, ‘No Exit’, so there is a little time before Paul will have his directorial debut, but look for it later this season.


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