Grey’s Anatomy’s Sandra Oh to Star in Film with Melissa McCarthy

tenozan |

tenozan |

If you are beginning to feel sad about Sandra Oh’s departure on Grey’s Anatomy, this might lift your spirits. She will be starring in a film being released this summer, alongside Melissa McCarthy.

Melissa and her husband, Ben Falcone, wrote the film, and Ben directed it.

Tammy is about a woman who hits the road with her grandmother after catching her husband cheating on her and loses her job. Melissa plays the lead role Tammy. Susan Sarandon will play the grandmother and Kathy Bates is playing the grandmother’s lesbian friend.

Sandra Oh News reported that she will play Kathy’s character’s girlfriend.

downloadThe trailer for the film was recently released and does not feature Sandra, it mainly features Melissa.

Tammy is scheduled to be released July 2.

I know fans will miss the heart surgeon, Cristina Yang, but at least Sandra leaving the show does not mean saying goodbye to her, only the character.

Check out the trailer:


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