The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 13

The-Vampire-Diaries-season-5There was almost a brief moment of hope when Matt figured out that Katherine had taken over Elena’s body, but Nadia is going to make sure he doesn’t tell anyone.

For the most part Katherine is doing a good job playing Elena, but there are times when she’s clearly not acting like Elena. Everyone is just assuming it’s because she’s hurting from the break-up. Elena would be a mess if she had just broken up with Damon.

Stefan said that he was waiting for Damon to to something that was too much for Elena to forgive, but there was never anything too much. So why is he believing that it has come to that point. Before Katherine as Elena, said to Damon it was over, he really hadn’t done anything. He was just pushing her away. He only started to lash out afterwards.

And come on now people, if Katherine didn’t pass through Bonnie, why do they think she is dead? And where has Elena’s spirit gone? These are questions that need to be answered and probably things that Bonnie and Caroline will feel horrible about later. I still think Elena should have killed that traveler. Then she would have stopped the spell.

So Katherine is the cause of all chaos again. It was her words, pretending to be Elena, that set off Damon and that has drove him to find Wes to kill. Unfortunately there were travelers waiting for him and Enzo and now Damon eats vampires. And this all is Katherine’s fault. I’m not sure who will have more right to kill her when this is all done. Elena for her body being stolen or Damon for Katherine pretending to be Elena while breaking his heart. That’s not to even mention Stefan. All he’s hoped for is for Elena to come back to him and now he thinks she is, but it’s Katherine.

It’s not going to be an easy situation for Elena to come back to. If she ever comes back, and I hope she does.

The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday, February 27 after the Olympics. Stefan is racing against time to save Damon, while Katherine is still trying to win Stefan back and no sign of Elena being saved:


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