Nashville Season 2 Episode 14

132839GROUPpre-1378848420Teddy just stood there and watched Lamar have a heart attack. I mean no one deserves that more than Lamar does, but Teddy does not need that on his conscious. To beat a man like Lamar, you have to be a better person than him, not sink to his level.

I think it’s clear that he did try to have Teddy killed. He could barely confirm or deny the incident. He couldn’t lie to Rayna. He tried though and clearly had no idea that his own daughter, Tandy, was the key wittiness. I think it speaks for itself if Tandy was worried about her own father killing her if she testified.

The music business is hard and Will and Scarlett are not handling it very well. While Will is fighting desperately to hid who he really is, Scarlett is using pills to get through her busy, hectic schedule.

Will got a good man fired because he had feelings for him. As Gunnar said, getting rid of one guy is not going to get rid of the problem. Will tried to kiss Gunnar and Gunnar is still there fighting to help him. But there’s only so much Gunnar can do, Will has to accept who he is.

Everyone is noticing that there is something up with Scarlett, but only Zoey suspects something is wrong. I’m so mad at Liam for passing off those pills like they were nothing. Scarlett is a sweet, trusting girl and doesn’t know what she’s gotten herself into.

Deacon is finally recording an album and is producing music as he does best, live and on his home base, the Bluebird. This was nice to see. I really like this part of the story, it shows you that you are never too old to follow your dream.

I was wondering how long it would take for Zoey to break into the business. She has an amazing voice and while all of your friends are off in the music business and doing amazing things, it can feel depressing just being a waitress. Avery works at the Bluebird too, but he’s working with Juliette and Deacon. So the Bluebird is only his day job.

Nashville will return Wednesday, February 26 after the Olympics. Check out the preview for when the artists of Nashville return. Rayna deals with her father’s death and Juliette is making a comeback:


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