Chicago P.D. Season 1 Episode 5

downloadThere was less action this week, but that didn’t mean it was any less intense.

Voight’s son, Justin, is getting into trouble really quickly and it’s Erin, who’s like a big sister, that’s having to keep him out of trouble. If he only knew that she was doing it for his own good. He has a chance to start fresh, instead he’s going down the wrong path. Voight is keeping a close eye on him though. That could turn out to be a bad decision. If Justin finds out he’s spying on him, as Erin said, Justin will push him away.

Ruzek is finding it difficult to keep his personal life and his work life separate. He finds it really easy to not to tell his fiancee anything about work, but he can’t seem to let her calls go to voice mail when he’s at work. I get it, you don’t want to make your girl mad, but I think you have the best excuse in the book when you are on a stake out. I think he can make both worlds work, but he might need to open up to his fiancee a little bit more. Then when he walks through that door, he can’t be dealing with wedding plans.

I totally get why Ruzek went in before back-up came. His first instinct was that the longer they waited, the less chance the girls had to survive. He needs to balance that with patience though. He can’t help people if he’s dead. He was totally out of line on the stake out though. Olinsky just gave him the speech about how he lost a suspect because he had to pee, so why would Ruzek call his fiancee? When you are on a stake out, keep your eyes on the target at all times.

Previews hinted at a budding relationship between Erin and Jay, but other than Jay trying to impress Erin, there hasn’t been too much brewing. I don’t know if Erin was already starting to have feelings for her partner, or if Voight telling Jay he couldn’t be with her made him suddenly seem desirable. But they are certainly heating up now. He was there for her after a tough day on the job and who knows what could have happened if she didn’t have to go get Justin out of trouble.

It looks like Voight needs to get down to business or he could end up back in jail. I don’t know what he did to land himself in jail, but Internal Affairs is pretty serious about him sticking to his deal. So why is he postponing it? Is it just because he’s had more pressing cases to deal with? Or is it something else?

The lady from Internal Affairs has given Antonio her card, but will he use it? He seems to respect Voight, but as she said, he’s a good cop. But Voight hasn’t done anything to Antonio’s knowledge, to even report.

It’s hard to tell who’s the good guys between Internal Affairs and Voight. He seems to be doing a lot of good since he got out, but the burning question still remains, why was he in jail?

Chicago P.D. will return after the Olympics, Wednesday, February 26 with a crossover event with Law and Order SVU. Check out the preview for the episode that will air from 9-11 pm ET on NBC:


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