The Originals Season 1 Episode 13

The-Originals-promo-poster-the-originals-33795209-500-645The witches have taken Klaus and Rebekah and I’m not sure how Elijah is going to save them. These witches are not just any witches, they are old witches and they all have grudges against Klaus, one of them even has one against Rebekah.

Elijah was given a choice between saving Hayley, his sister or his brother, and he chose Hayley. I think he made that choice because the only thing that has been proven to kill an original, is the white stake. As horrible as it is for Klaus and Rebekah to be taken and not much hope of getting them back, I think he made the right choice. Wherever they are, they are still alive, for now. Can these witches really figure out a way to kill an original, especially Klaus?

It’s funny, logically we know they can’t kill Rebekah and Klaus off. Julie Plec and the writers certainly like killing main characters off and they did so again tonight.

Sophie died trying to save her niece. She wanted to get Monique out of town, but she wanted to stay and fight, so she killed Sophie. I think this is part of the reason we can get worried when Klaus and Rebekah are in great danger. There would be no show without the originals, but the writers do a good job keeping us on the edge of our seats worrying about their fate.

Even though Klaus broke Marcel’s neck before he took on a covent of witches by himself, Marcel still woke up and sent out his boys to try and find him. That is one loyal friend. Of course now that he knows the witches have taken Rebekah too, he will be even more angry.

Elijah doesn’t kill often, but he’s ready for blood now now. I don’t think he will mind killing one of the loves of his life to get his family back. Celeste was mad at him for choosing Hayley over his family, but if you think about his reasoning, that fact that originals can’t be killed, then it’s totally reasonable.

Hayley finally met her family and the man she was supposed to marry. While she thought she was having a family reunion, some of them seemed to have made a deal with the witches and gave up Rebekah. Does this mean the curse will be broken? What other reason could they have made a deal with the witches and why would they be willing to give up their long lost family member in the process? Hayley is better off with theĀ Mikaelson family, each and everyone of them fights for her life.

The Originals will return Tuesday, February 25, so you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to find out what will happen to Rebekah and Klaus. in the mean time check out the preview, the witches to to destroy them:


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