Supernatural Season 9 Episode 13

ustv-supernatural-season-9-posterThis was Sam and Dean’s first proper case together since Dean saved Sam, again, and Dean is angry with his brother. He tried to hide it, but he made some remarks like, ‘your awkward around girls’, ‘ I’m just trying to be honest’. Sam said that he was being honest before, so now Dean is being honest.

But things get much worse for these two. Once again Dean saved Sam’s life and there was no thank you. Dean firmly believed that if he was dying that Sam would save him. Clearly he has forgotten about Sam leaving him in Purgatory. Sam straight out and said, no he wouldn’t. The brotherly love that held these two together has gone and Sam just wants to get down to business.

It’s heartbreaking to watch these two. Dean has gone to hell for Sam and once upon a time Sam would have done the same, but not now. Dean better watch his back, because this time if a demon kills him, he’s not coming back. Unless Cass decides to save him again. I think Cass would be broken hearted to see these two as well.

I can’t believe that Sam is mad at Dean for saving his life, because Crowley is loose and the demons are still free to roam the earth. Sam would have really have rather died? Why did he have to die to solve everything and they would have still had the angels battling for power to deal with. Well Dean would have, seeing as Sam would have been dead.

The boys seem to keep coming across friendly monsters. Just last week they found Garth with friendly werewolves, granted not all of them were good, but some of them were. Now this parasite they came across is also friendly, only her brother wasn’t. She helped them kill her brother and then Dean wanted to kill her. Sam stopped him. She’s not killing anyone, why should she die? Dean was once friends with a vampire, so why can’t the rest of the friendly monsters get a pass? I guess that’s just something Dean will have to work on.

Supernatural will return Tuesday, February 25, in the mean time check out this preview for when the boys return:


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