Bones Season 9 Episode 15

bonesBrennan lost her parents when she was 15 and Hodgins lost a brother he never new he had, until now. If he didn’t lose all of his money he probably would have never known about his brother.

When Hodgins first started talking to his brother, Jeffery, it almost seemed that they were a lot are like. Jeffery is also a conspiracy nerd, but his is tied to his disease. He can’t tell the difference between reality and fiction.

This was all a lot to sink in for Hodgins. But he’s dealing with it, with the help of Angela.

The case was very interesting this week. It was a kidnapping gone wrong. The victim staged the kidnapping of herself, so she could have the money to run away. But her plan failed.

She cut off her own toe to prove to her father that she had been kidnapped. The dog clippers were rusty and she got tetanus. Her partner in crime tried to save her, but she refused to go to the hospital, so all he could do was try to give her medicine. He gave her penicillin, but she was allergic and died.

The worst part is, she wasn’t even planning on running away with him. She was setting him up to take the fall.

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