Nashville Season 2 Episode 13

132839GROUPpre-1378848420Juliette made a bold move standing up to her haters. It might not have been her smartest of moves, but she didn’t want to be something she wasn’t. She even got a complement from Rayna, she said ‘good for you’.

I think Juliette has earned some respect from Rayna now. Rayna had a chance to take up all of her shelf space at a big store and she turned it down. Rayna wants to put the right image out there for her new label. She wants to promote artists and let them get their voice out there not turn them into money makers.

Jeff took over Edgehill records and he lost two of its biggest recording stars and signed a girl who has nothing to say. Now he’s scrambling trying to stop Rayna from selling her album. I think Rayna could sell them from her company’s website if she had to. If its got her name on it, they will buy it.

Deacon is going to make a record on his terms. I think it’s a good idea, but I do think he should do a duet or two. It will help get his voice out there and then I’m sure his solo stuff will be a hit. I don’t think the whole album should be full of duets, but he’s so good at duets, I think he should use that.

Scarlett is going down a dark path. She’s excited about her music again which is good, but why would you just take a pill without finding out what it was? There seems to be a bad history in Scarlett’s family. Deacon’s a recovering alcoholic and her mother was in and out of psychiatric  hospitals. Scarlett is on the verge of something great, she shouldn’t mess it up with drugs. Deacon was right to be worried about her working with Liam. It’s great that he’s pulled greatness out of her and has got her to create an album about herself, but he didn’t need to introduce her to drugs.

I would like to see Avery do something with his music. I hated him when he was being an idiot, but he’s learned and he’s grown and now I want him to have a second chance. The biggest storyline for him at the moment is him and Juliette being together, but this might at least mean more screen time for him.

Gunnar wasn’t being mean to Layla at all. He was just trying to help her. I think this is a real wake up call for her. She wants to be a song writer and she never even thought about what was involved before now. Maybe she will be a better artists for it and might actually gain some respect. She may be big with the tweens, but she doesn’t hold much weight with the artists of Nashville.

Lamar is getting released from jail because Tandy decided she valued her life more than seeing her father behind bars. I’m not a big fan of Lamars. I mean he’s clearly corrupt and has done some horrible things, but him and Rayna were finally getting along. It’s going to be hard for her to relearn who her father is. He’s a scary man, truly untouchable. What will be his first move when he is released?

Check out the preview for next week, Rayna learns a hard truth about her father:


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