Supernatural Season 9 Episode 12

Official-Season-9-BTS-Poster-supernatural-35284426-796-771These boys clearly have some issues to work out.

They were on the case together, but they didn’t work together at all. Well Sam was trying to, it was Dean that was being the stubborn one. Dean is so afraid of getting anyone else killed after Kevin that he’s pushing everyone away. But he forgets that the reason Kevin died was because he wasn’t honest with him. If these boys are going to hunt together, they need to work together and be honest with each other.

Is there anyway Sam and Dean can go back to the way they were? Probably not. Too mush has happened to forget and forgive. Though Dean did forgive Sam for not trying to save him from Purgatory. Dean may have made the wrong choice in how to save Sam, but he was doing it save his life. So if I have to choose a side in this little squabble, I’m on Dean’s.

Now we know where Garth went, he got turned into a werewolf and found a nice werewolf family, well mostly nice.

Dean was right to be suspicious, but he is jaded. He didn’t treat the family with any respect, he didn’t even try and not all of the family was evil. He owed it to Garth to at least try.

Garth can’t be upset about not noticing there was something wrong, there was no way he could have known. It was only when Sam and Dean came into the picture that some of the werewolves showed their true colors.

Garth is one of the few hunters that got out and found a normal life, well as close to normal as there is.

Check out the preview for next week, Sam and Dean go undercover to find out how people are losing all their weight overnight:


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