Bones Season 9 Episode 14

bonesThis season we have seen Brennan plead with Booth to trust her on a suspect when Booth doesn’t think she’s right. Brennan has been right and this week Sweets had to do the same thing.

Booth did not think the young man was the killer. He had an alibi for the time the second power surge happened. Plus Booth didn’t think that Sweets could figure out who the killer was through a game of chess. But Sweets was right.

This was a very interesting case. For the most part if was just a run of the mill case, but the way Sweets solved the case made it interesting. He played numerous chess players, and while he was doing that he was learning about each and everyone of them.

They still work very much as a team, but this season other people besides Booth, have been going on more than just the evidence to solve a case. They have been doing this a long time now, so sometimes I guess they don’t need all the evidence.

Brennan had a shock when a Science award was going to be awarded to Cam instead of her.

I never liked Cam when she first came onto the show, mainly because she was with Booth and I wanted Brennan with Booth. But over the years I have really come to like her. It’s nice to have someone more like Angela on the show as well. Of course Cam did join the show in season two, so it feels like she’s always been here.

Cam was very sweet to suggest the magazine honor all three of them. Angela really does need to get recognized for her great work. I don’t know what they would do without her.

Cam trying to get them all honored kind of backfired though. The magazine is now honoring 12 scientist and putting them in a calendar. Lots of businesses do it to help generate money and money is tight at the moment. So I guess in all it’s not so bad. They get to be honored and help raise money for a Science magazine. I still think the three of them should have been honored together. I don’t think there are better teams than the Jeffersonian out there.

Check out the preview for next week, Booth feels uncomfortable with how much more money Brennan is making than him:


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