The Originals Season 1 Episode 11

OrigianlsThe witches finished the harvest, but the four witches never resurrected. Davina died in vain.

I wasn’t sure if she was going to live through the harvest, but everyone else seemed to be convinced that she would come back. The sad thing is she would have died anyway, she had too much power.

The writers have never been afraid to kill off main characters, but I thought Davina was going to be around for a while.

It turns out CelesteĀ has been around for a while, a year. So why and how is she back? And who are these people she has brought back from the dead? She hasn’t given Elijah any kind of clue that she is back either.

Hayley and Elijah almost kissed. I wanted it to happen, but I felt it might be too soon. But now that Celeste is back, will Hayley and Elijah ever get there moment? Does Celeste still love Elijah? Because he clearly still has feelings for her.

Klaus even gave Hayley advice for making amends with Elijah. Does this mean they have Klaus’s blessing?

So where does Rebekah stand with her plan? She doesn’t have the witch on her side, because the witch has lost her power and her inside woman is now dead. Her man that knows Marcel the best isn’t going to be impressed that his information was given in vain, Davina died anyway. Does this mean she’s all alone yet again?

Klaus was actually singing her praises for once in her life, which she seemed to feel uneasy about. It’s certainly hard to betray family, even if they are as evil as Klaus.

So the four girls power has gone into the people who Celeste has resurrected. What about the original witch’s power? They needed that power to finish the harvest. Where has that gone?

I feel really bad for Marcel. He really cared for Davina and tried to keep her safe. He didn’t fail her though. He could not have known that the power was going to be too much for her and he did the only thing he could, offer her to the harvest and hope she came back.

Check out the preview for next week, someone is killing Marcel’s vampires:


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