Supernatural Season 9 Episode 11

ustv-supernatural-season-9-posterDean and Crowley have become a team and Sam and Cass are a team. Both sides need help from the other, but neither Sam or Dean are willing to ask for help from each other.

I always love when Crowley works with Dean and Sam. The three of them seem to have great chemistry together, but I think Dean and Crowley make an even better match.

It’s true that Crowley manipulated Dean the whole time. But he always does that. Every single time he’s worked with them he’s never told them everything and it’s worked out, well sort of. I mean the goal was obtained. Not to say that if he told Dean the whole story they couldn’t come up with a plan that worked. But through all the manipulation there was admiration.

Crowley knew that Cain would give Dean the mark and tell him where the first blade was. He knew Dean was worthy, but he had to prove it to Cain.

They may actually kill Abaddon, but it’s coming with a price, as usual. Dean now has the mark that will help him kill her, but what else will this mark bring?

Cass was able to get through to Sam. Sam wanted to risk his life so they could find Gadreel. They couldn’t prove the Men of Letter’s theory about finding an angel with their grace, because they didn’t have enough, but they will still find Gadreel. They’ll just have to do it the old fashioned way. And at least Sam is still alive to do it. If they retrieved enough grace, Sam probably would have died.

Cass and Dean have been a team many times, but it’s never just been Sam and Cass. I wonder how long these new teams will last? Not that just seeing Sam and Dean on the screen ever gets old. But I like Crowley and Cass and it’s nice to see more of them.

Check out the preview for next week, we learn more about Garth:


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