Revenge Season 3 Episode 13

Revenge-Season-3-PosterI wasn’t looking forward to Revenge this week. I just didn’t see how Emily could logically continue with her vengeance. She almost died and Conrad would still have suffered, because he was going to have to give up his love to save his son. I think she succeeded. She could go off and live happily ever after with Aiden and have a normal life.

Not that I want to see Revenge end, but it just didn’t seem wise for Emily to continue, I mean she’s making herself seem crazy. Plus Daniel doesn’t deserve any of this. He had nothing to do with the framing and death of her father. She’s broken an innocent man. Daniel is now stuck in a loveless marriage, lost what he was building and has become very bitter.

So I sat down to watch the episode and wasn’t impressed with Emily tearing apart Sarah and Daniel. What did interest me this week with the Emily storyline was her blacking out and not remembering chunks of time. Especially at the end when she ended up in Conrad’s bed? How on earth did that happen? Does this have anything to do with her head trauma?

While I’m not a fan of Niko, she did try to warn Emily to take it easy. She’s still recovering.

Niko isn’t really that bad. She wants to avenge her father and loves the same man as Emily. She’s a little scary though, practicing to peel skin from bone. I wouldn’t want to piss her off and now she’s discovered that Aiden killed her father. What will she do to him?

I feel bad for Margo, being put in the middle of Grayson affairs. She’s trying to build something. She should never have partnered up with Daniel and now she’s a partner with Conrad. I don’t know how she’s going to create the magazine that she wants to with him involved.

I do like the relationship blooming between her and Jack. They seem to work well together and there are less lies than other relationships in the show. It’s not completely lie free, but they are mixed up in very complicated affairs and it’s not completely their fault.

So I’m not completely not enjoying the show at the moment. I’m just not liking the Emily storyline. I believe her revenge had come to an end.

Revenge will return Sunday, March 9 at a new time, 10/9c. Check out the preview, the plan is different and the alliances are changing:



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