Bones Season 9 Episode 13

bonesBrennan is not the one to get emotional, but this week she got very emotional.

When it comes to bones no one knows better than Brennan.

Her intern, Wendell, had broken his arm from hockey and as soon as she saw the video of his fall she knew that something was wrong. She said that the fall could not have caused the break he had. So she looked at his x-ray and found out he had bone cancer.

Poor Wendell, he had worked so hard to get this far in his career to study bones and now his own bones were going to kill him.

Brennan had to tell him and she couldn’t get the words out of her mouth, Booth had to help. Wendell took it all pretty well considering. But at first he was going to go off and see the world, instead of fighting, but then he decided to fight.

It was a heartfelt and heartbreaking episode.

I don’t know how I’ve felt since Zack left and them bringing in a lot of different interns. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. There wasn’t just one to get attached to and none of them stayed around very long. Occasionally we got to see all of them in one episode.

I think my favorite intern was Edison and he’s not even an intern anymore. I’ve kind of just lived with the rest of them.

Wendell was interesting because of how hard he worked to get where he is and that his whole town helped pay for his tuition. And now it’s tragic that all of that hard work is taken away from him.

Will we get to see Wendell’s fight with cancer or is this him departing from the show?

Bones’s days are numbered, whether they finish this season or next. There’s no telling how they will leave all the interns and the squints. After nine seasons I hope they wrap it up well, no matter when it ends.

Check out the preview for next week:


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