Chicago PD: It’s Perosnal

downloadA lot of new shows will concentrate on getting to know the characters and ease you into the cases. Sure they might be exciting, but they aren’t personal. Personal comes later. But with Chicago PD, it’s personal from the beginning.

Detective Antonio Dawson’s son was taken in the first episode and in the second they fight to get him back, that’s pretty personal. Plus Antonio lost his partner in the first episode.

We also got to know Detective Erin Lindsay and Officer Adam Ruzek better this week as well.

Erin was arrested and would do anything for the people she loves, but it seems she hasn’t bee right in the middle of too many cases with the bad guy right in front of her and it’s just him and her. Sounds like she may have many more of those situations to come.

Adam was taken out of the Academy a little early and it shows. He’s not a bad dedicative, just an inexperienced one, but he will learn. He’s ready and willing to learn. He’s living a double life though, he doesn’t want to tell his fiancee what he does. That could become a problem later.

We also got a glimpse of Detective Alvin Olinsky. His gut is smarter than him according to Sergeant Hank Voight.

Voight seems even more suspicious than before. He fights for his people, but the way he got the job is very shady.

Officer Kim Burgess and Officer Kevin Atwater seem to have great chemistry together and they are the go to officers for the intelligence unit. They are funny, loyal and both have good hearts.

Getting to know the characters has been interesting with the intensity of the episodes thus far.

And the intensity level isn’t changing for next weeks episode:


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