The Originals Season 1 Episode 10

OrigianlsRebecca is forming an alliance of her own and she’s going try to be the one in charge from now on.

I would like to see that. I am tired of seeing her brothers using her, especially Klaus.

I honestly think that Marcel genuinely cares for Davina, that doesn’t mean his a good guy though. I mean Damon loves Elena and will do anything for her, but he’s not an all around good guy.

I don’t think Davina should be striking out against him though. He has kept her safe this whole time. He should have been more honest with her though, but it wasn’t safe for her to be free, even after the elders died.

He saved Davina yet again, with the help of Elijah. Elijah knows his brother very well and because of his and Marcel’s alliance, they were able to save Davina, just not her love.

As we’ve seen from Bonnie, a heartbroken witch is not someone you want to piss off. Davina is very powerful and the love of her life just died. Will this also mean that Davina and Josh will be together? There is romance brewing there. They are very cute together.

Hayley may have made a huge mistake just to help her family. Sophie reached out to Hayley because she had something to hold over her head, she’s the witch that can reverse the curse on her family. I don’t know if Sophie had any idea what would happen when she unearthed the dead witch. Of course we don’t know exactly what will happen, just that it’s a bad omen.

It looks like Elijah will be seeing his old girlfriend again. It seems she will be an evil force when she returns. She seemed like such a sweet girl when Elijah was with her, but that was decades ago, and she’s been dead a long time.

Maybe Klaus should try the truth, especially with the ladies he loves. Cam seemed just like Caroline as she spoke to him. She’s furious now that she knows the truth.

Check out the preview for next week, Davina is getting more powerful and it might be too much for her:

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