Bones Season 9 Episode 12

tumblr_mz9h70PdvV1rb6wabo1_500Brennan is really not acting like herself. She never tries make the evidence say what she wants it to, she lets the evidence speak for itself.

I don’t know if Pelant was playing her or if there really is a serial killer out there, but she’s not going to solve the case by obsessing over it.

If there is a connection between the victims Edison will find it. Brennan is better than him, but she can’t look at the bones with an objective eye anymore. So Edison can take a fresh look and see what there is.

I really like this storyline. Brennan has never really struggled with cases until Pelant and Pelant they also knew it was him, but now her mind is playing tricks on her with the trauma of everything that happened with Pelant.

There may be a serial killer out there, and I hope there is. Bones is always good when there is a serial killer on the loose. But it’s nice for a change that Brennan can’t be the one to put the evidence together.

Hodgins is trying to prove Brennan’s theory right. Hodgins believes in Brennan without a doubt and if she says there is a serial killer then there is one.

Cam is trying to help too, by letting Edison look at the bones. Cam is in a tight spot, because she’s never doubted Brennan before but the evidence is just not there and she can’t put resources on a case that isn’t there. Cam is going out on a limb for Brennan.

Edison will also work hard to prove Brennan right, but he will do it in the way that she taught him too. Which is the way the old Brennan would have wanted. Brennan is so focused in proving her theory she can’t see the evidence.

Edison really impressed Brennan this week. He’s absolutely heartbroken with his relationship ending, but he still focuses on his work. I think his work is the only thing getting him through it. Not many people can focus going through what he is going through and it has impressed Brennan.

I look forward to finding out more about this ghost killer and who she is. Could this be the serial killer that Bones will end with?

Check out the preview for next week, the squints deal with a revoltingĀ case:


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