Chicago PD Kicks off with a Whole Lot of Action

downloadChicago PD started with a lot of action and a lot of characters.

The writer’s didn’t want to ease us into the new show, they threw us into it.

There’s so many characters it’s hard to know them all by name after just one episode.

Let’s start with Sergeant Hank Voight, the man at the center of the intelligence unit. It’s hard to get a good read on this guy. We know that he saved Detective Erin Lindsay’s life and he is in the process of getting a young boy out of the drug dealing life. He also cares a lot about his crew and runs a tight ship. But then he has his very shady moments as well, it’s hard to tell whether he’s blurring the lines of good and bad to protect his city and his colleagues, or if he is a dirty cop.

Erin is a tough girl. She doesn’t get worked up about thugs hitting on her, she’s doing undercover work, but she also has a kind heart. We get so see all of this in just one episode. Erin is played by Sophia Bush and it looks like Sophia has taken some of Brooke’s heart with her to play this new character.

Erin’s partner, Detective Jay Halstead, is relatively new to the unit and is trying to prove himself to Voight and to Erin.

Detective Antonio Dawson is also apart of the unit and has a wife and kids and from the beginning an old case will fall back into his lap.

We got to see glimpses at a lot of different characters in the premiere, but the storyline is already in high gear. There was shootings, deaths, a car chase and even a kidnapping.

So far this show seems to be all about the action.

If you haven’t seen the first episode yet, head over to and check it out, if you have seen it, check out the preview for next week:


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