Supernatural Goes to War, Again

Official-Season-9-BTS-Poster-supernatural-35284426-796-771War is about to begin on Supernatural, but before they can begin to fight, Dean has to save Sam, again. He thought he had saved Sam when he let an angel posses him.

How far will Dean go to save Sam? Let Crowley go free? Then not only will there be a power struggle between angels, there will be one between demons as well. That sounds like where the show is headed though.

Once Dean saves Sam for the millionth time, what will Sam think about the ways Dean had to save him? Will they be unforgivable or understandable?

The last brother to die was Dean, and he was stuck in Purgatory and Sam left him there to rot. Dean had a hard time getting past that. Dean was right, they always say they will go and live their life, but in reality they try everything to save each other. Sam certainly does not deserve the lengths Dean is going to save his life.

After all these years the writers are still coming up with compelling story lines and interesting cases. We are still learning about Sam and Dean’s past, we are dealing with the aftermath of the angels being locked out of heaven and Sam and Dean took a virginity pledge. Season nine is looking pretty good so far.

But when we return it will be all business for Dean trying to save his brother. When he’s done saving Sam, the Winchesters and Cass will have to go to battle on multiple fronts.

Will they be able to open up heaven again and restore order and will Crowley be able to take his thrown back from Abaddon?

Supernatural is coming to end, whether it ends this season or next, so what is the endgame? After everything that has happened it’s hard to even imagine what’s left of the series. Sam and Dean have been to hell and back, literally. Will the boys survive the series?

Supernatural will return on Tuesday 9/8c. on the CW.


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