Emily’s Plan Failed, What’s Next?

Revenge-Season-3-PosterEmily’s plan failed and now she has lost her memory, what will she do now? What will the writers do now?

As shows progress, they grow and change. Revenge has had one solid goal: payback for David Clarke.

The first season was straightforward, one by one she took out the people who betrayed her father. The second season got a little more complicated and more focused on the Graysons. The third season has been leading up to the end of Emily’s plan: destroying the Graysons for good. The wedding would take place about mid-season, so Emily could not succeed, since there is still half a season left.

But now the writers have thrown in a new twist, she loses her memory. The previews show that she doesn’t know who she is. At the end of the last episode she was compromised. Victoria and Lydia have no idea that she’s David Clarke’s daughter, but they do know she has been targeting the family. They will want to know her true identity, so how will Emily conceal her identity when she doesn’t know who she is. I’m sure Nolan, Aiden and Jack will be helping conceal her identity.

What’s next for the show? The plan has failed and while she has no memory she won’t want revenge. This twist is interesting, but what does it have to do with a show all about revenge? Are we now in the consequences of what happens when you try to seek retribution?

If Emily’s memory comes back, will she want to continue? Will the men in her life let her continue?

I just don’t know what the writers have in store for us for the rest of the season or show for that matter. I don’t know what plan she can come up with to succeed after everything that has happened. I think she’s reached the end of the road and there’s no coming back from this. So where is Revenge going when we come back after the break?

Here’s a preview to get you thinking:


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