Bones After Marriage

bonesAs I’ve said in the past Bones hasn’t been doing well in the past season or so, but it’s really picked up.

I wondered how things would be after Brennan and Booth got married. The show was centered around their attraction for each other, but they were afraid to take a chance or other people were in the way and that was a big part of the show. Hodgins and Angela’s blooming relationship was also a big part of the show, but now they are all happily married, so I asked where was the show to go?

Well apparently there are still some miles left to go. After the wedding the episodes have stayed funny and the cases have been interesting. It was great having Booth and Brennan solve a case on their honeymoon and it was great having Brennan step back from a case and have some fun.

We have also been seeing a little of the old Brennan. She’s changed a lot with Angela and Booth and becoming a mother, but it’s nice to see the Brennan we fell in love with.

Brennan is truthful beyond a doubt. She got into a media infused argument with another author because of the words she said and started a fight in a bar because of her bluntness.

It was also nice to see her dealing with people like her on cases and only she could read them. Booth got them totally wrong. It’s not very often that Booth is wrong about a person. It was nice to see Brennan being able to read the suspects and not just the bones.

The one thing I would have liked them to expand on more was Cam’s identity theft. They’ve done well in recent episodes, but for a while they didn’t even mention it. It was kind of like, well Cam’s broke, but it doesn’t look like she is.

So far things are looking bright after marriage for Bones, but how long can this show really go for? Nine years is commendable. How I Met Your Mother is finishing in it’s ninth season and Charmed only lasted eight. Gilmore Girls and Buffy the Vampire Slayer lasted seven.

I think it’s time to start wrapping the show up. It’s better to end the series on high note and not let it go past its prime. If Bones does get renewed for a tenth season, I think that should be their final season.


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