Revenge Season 3 Episode 10

revenge_season_3_by_myrmorko-d5rsu9f (1)Did anyone think that it would be Daniel to shoot Emily? At the end there I almost thought it would be Lydia and then Victoria. But she scraped past them, but Daniel finally found out the truth, well not the whole truth, but enough. Between his inebriated state and finding out that Sarah tried to kill herself, it’s understandable why he reacted the way that he did.

Everything was going so well. Emily was able to get Victoria to the wedding, Nolan was able to distract Patrick and Victoria even went down to her room. Then Lydia had to go and ruin it all by showing Victoria that picture. That’s when everything fell apart.

Did we really think it was going to go as planned? We knew she got shot and it’s only half way through the season. But now Emily is in the ocean somewhere, shot, and there’s no telling whether she is alive or dead. Her beacon hasn’t been activated and now Aiden and Jack have to try and find her in the dark. This is not how she wanted her revenge to end.

What is Daniel going to think of himself when he sobers up? I’m sure his parents will just cover the whole thing up. But her secret is somewhat out now. They don’t know who she actually is, but they do know she’s been targeting them. So she can’t get found by the coast guard. At the moment Victoria and Emily are missing and the family doesn’t know where they are or what has happened. And it looks like Daniel is staying quiet.

As for Patrick he has just discovered Nolan’s safe. I’m not sure what is in it, but I’m sure whatever it is, it has something to do with Emily.

Did anyone else feel like this episode was more like a season finale? Good thing it wasn’t, then we would have to wait all summer to find out what happened.

Revenge returns Sunday January 5 and Emily doesn’t know who she is. Check out the preview:


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