Revenge Season 3 Episode 9

revenge_season_3_by_myrmorko-d5rsu9f (1)Just as Emily was starting to relax to gather herself for the big day, Victoria ruins the whole thing. The key to Emily’s plan is framing Victoria for her death, but if she isn’t even going to be there, what will Emily do?

We know that Emily does get shot on her wedding day, but by who? Is it Victoria, by some sheer luck, or someone else?

If Victoria declining her invitation wasn’t enough, Lydia has found another picture with Emily in it at the New Year’s Eve party. What does she plan to do with it? We know she’s angry enough for revenge, but how will she implement it?

We saw a glimpse of the old Charlotte. She tried so hard to break Emily and Daniel up, but all she did was hurt Daniel and Sarah. Charlotte says she’s done medaling. And to make it up to Emily, she give her a manicure and pedicure. It’s nice that Charlotte is setting out on her own now. She needs to distant herself from her family and become her own person again. She was such a nice girl when she was with Declan.

When Victoria went to see Emily and tell her that she found a place for Nolan at the main table, I thought she took what Charlotte said to heart and was seizing fire. Well I wasn’t completely wrong, she did hold up the white flag, but she should at least show up to the wedding for Daniel.

Jack has gotten wrapped up in all the scheming. Why didn’t he just tell Margo the truth? It took Nolan going to see her to force Jack to tell her the truth. He talks about all the lies Emily’s told and then he starts doing it himself. Nolan saved Jack from himself. If he wants a true relationship with Margo, he has to be honest.

If for some miracle they pull off this plan, Emily will be Nolan’s distant cousin. That makes me feel a little better. She can’t say goodbye to him forever. He’s been her rock, her best friend and her brother through everything.

The show hasn’t concluded yet, but so far it seems like Emily will end up with Aiden. They are now engaged. Like I said before, they are perfect for each other. There’s been to many lies and too much time for Jack and Emily to ever be together.

Check out the preview for the winter finale. The wedding is finally here and we should hopefully get to find out who shoots Emily, but something tells me that might have to wait till next year:


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