Bones Season 9 Episode 11

Season_9_fanBooth is not often wrong about a suspect, but he was very wrong this time. He thought that their victim’s father was the murderer. He was highly logical and lacked social skills. From most people’s perspective, he may have been their man. But Brennan knew that he was innocent.

Amanda’s father acted a lot like Brennan and dove into his work when he found out about his daughter’s death. Booth could not understand why he would do that. That was just his way of coping. It took looking at the rest of the evidence to see that the man was innocent.

This episode definitely highlights the pressure that is on kids. Both Amanda and her friend were under an extreme amount of pressure to be the best that they could be, so they rebelled. This led to wanting to quit. It sounds like the Amanda had second thoughts. Gymnastics was her love and even though the pressure could get too much at times, she still wanted to continue. Her friend on the other hand, was done and was devastated when she wouldn’t quit. Instead of supporting Amanda’s choice, she killed her. And she talks about being a good friend.

Cam has her identity back, but she is having to repair the damage her friend did. If only it could be as easy as the thief is in jail. I think I would have added the extra time on to her friend’s sentence. Cam has worked for everything she’s got and now she has to live on an allowance. No one wants to go backwards when they’ve worked so hard to provide for themselves. This woman didn’t want to work, she just wanted pretty things. But maybe Arastoo is right, forgiveness is best. She can only truly move on, when she lets go of all that anger.

If you are not a gymnastics fan or lived under a rock during the last summer Olympics, you may have not noticed a famous guest star. McKayla Maroney, US Olympic champion and silver medalist, guest starred as the second ranked gymnast.

Bones will return January 1o, check out the preview:


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