Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Episode 11

86507-greys-anatomy-fans-can-rest-easy-chief-webber-is-safe-there-he-is-righMost of the doctors were making progress in medicine. Cristina and Ross put the conduit into the baby and at first it seemed like it would fail, but the baby is doing better now. Derek and Callie were having problems with their patient, but eventually she moved the robotic hand. Then there was Meredith and Stephanie who put a portal vein into a sheep and the surgery was a success, but the sheep didn’t make it. But as Meredith said, progress is about learning from your failures. They will figure out what went wrong and try again. Meredith seems very up beat about the whole thing.

For a brief moment it seemed like Meredith and Cristina were going to be on the right track again, but one wrong word and they were fighting again.

Meredith is right, Ross is different. He’s been different ever since Heather died. He sent her down to find Richard and because of that she died. He’s been really trying to make up for it. He has no right to speak to Meredith that way though. He needs to show her some respect. I realize he’s chosen sides, but Meredith is still his boss.

Speaking of sides, I have chosen a side without even thinking about it. I am on Meredith’s side. She’s always been my favorite between her and Cristina. When Cristina’s operation was a success and Meredith’s wasn’t, I was feeling sad for Meredith. I wanted her to out do Cristina, especially since Cristina tried to set back Meredith’s research. Which side have you chosen?

April’s sister’s are insane. No one wonder she is the way she is, but since Jackson she’s grown up a lot. If you always have people looking down on you, you are never going to believe in yourself. But April has found that belief. I think that freak out in front of her sisters was needed. It was progress. Her sisters need to treat her with more respect. She saves lives, what do they do? It doesn’t sound like any of them have worked hard for their dreams.

Matthew is really a nice guy. I don’t know if most men would be ok with their fiancee’s ex showing up at the wedding. And he even encouraged Jackson to come. Maybe April made the right decision after all.

Callie and Arizona have stopped fighting and are starting to work on the relationship. Re-sparking the relationship in the bedroom, may be the right step in getting the relationship back.

Check out the preview for the winter finale next week. April becomes a true bridezilla:


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