Nashville Season 2 Episode 9

nashville-season-2-posterRayna just spoke to Teddy and Deacon about them both being in Maddie’s life and then Teddy goes and removes Deacon from the festival. That’s not going to earn any points with his daughter. There is nothing wrong with Maddie wanting to have a relationship with Deacon, and Teddy should not get mad when Maddie is asking for things and Deacon coming through, he should be happy. Teddy is going to have to get over his hatred of Deacon if they are going to make this work, for Maddie’s sake.

Layla is stepping on toes she doesn’t want to mess with. She made a guess that Charlie and Juliette were a thing, and they were, but they’ve broken things off now. Juliette was actually doing the mature thing. But Juliette shouldn’t have started the relationship in the first place. It’s hard to keep things private in her line of work. But if Juliette will switch Layla’s set and go on in her place for a duet just for Layla going over her time, what do you think Juliette will do to her for telling the world about her and Charlie? Especially when they are not even together anymore.

Poor Scarlet she feels so lost on tour. I don’t know why she just doesn’t join Gunnar in talking to people, although now she probably doesn’t want to see him. Zoey and Gunnar should have just told Scarlett from the beginning, instead of keeping it secret. I don’t think Scarlett would have minded if they had told her, especially since she was starting things with Avery. But they lied and now Scarlett is upset. I realize Scarlett left on tour really quick and so did Gunnar, but that’s no excuse for not telling her the truth.

Check out the preview for next week. It’s time to say goodbye to someone, one of your favorite characters will die:

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