Supernatural Season 9 Episode 9

ustv-supernatural-season-9-posterDean made a really tough choice to save Sam’s life and in the end Sam is gone, well he’s hidden in the angel. Zeke seemed to be on their side and was genuinely trying to help Sam, and since Cass gave him the ok, I thought everything would be fine. But I was still a little nervous. And turns out Zeke is not who he said he was. Zeke died in the fall and he is really Gadreel, who was imprisoned in heaven.

Dean should have let more people in on the secret. Kevin said when he trusts Dean he get’s screwed and he got more than screwed this time, he got killed. Another ally to die. And without Kevin, how will they ever figure out how to open heaven up again?

I also thought Dean should have told Cass. Cass is one of their most trustworthy allies and as soon as he heard Zeke was dead he did what he had to, to get out and tell Dean. If Dean wasn’t so afraid of Sam expelling the angel, maybe he could have saved Sam. But to be fair Sam was in a coma, letting an angel heal him was his only hope. Dean was so worried about saving his brother, he didn’t use his better judgement.

If that wasn’t enough, now there are three different angel sides and that’s not even including the disarray in hell at the moment, with Crowley kidnapped by Sam and Dean, and Abaddon trying to take over hell.

Malachi seems even worse than Bartholomew. He seems a little more like a demon. But there are other angels that want to join Metatron because they think he’s better. Then there are those that want to stay neutral.

Cass has gotten a grace back and maybe even all of his powers. He said if they were going to war, then he wants to be ready. And war is definitely going to happen. It’s going to be Dean and Cass against three factions of angels and hell. Sam and Dean have saved the world many times before, but now Dean has to do it without Sam and save his brother in the process.

Supernatural will return with all-new episodes on January 14. Dean will turn to Cass and Crowley to help get Sam back:


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